• Cream

    Folligen Cream

    Natural hair nutrient system that aids hair growth by improving the health of damaged scalp tissue. Best suited for application to the frontal hair line or thinner areas of the scalp. Use the Folligen Lotion for thicker areas.

  • Extra Strength for Men, 1-month supply

    Rogaine Extra Strength for Men, 1-month supply

    FDA approved hair regrowth treatment for men, 5% Minoxidil, extra strength.

  • Folicure Extra Shampoo

    FOLICURE Folicure Extra Shampoo

    Special formula for permed, color-treated or damaged hair.

  • Hair and Scalp Stimulator for Men

    Bamboo Hair and Scalp Stimulator for Men

    Bamboo Hair and Scalp Stimulator for Men is formulated for men to restore vitality to hair while supporting proper circulation and blood flow to the scalp and root of the hair to combat the causes of hair loss and breakage.

  • Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women Value Pack

    Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women Value Pack

    Three month supply of FDA approved hair loss treatment for women with 2% Minoxidil.

  • Men's  Foam (Three Pack)

    Rogaine Men's Foam (Three Pack)

    Men's Rogaine Foam is the first and only FDA approved hair regrowth foam. It contains 5% minoxidil, the same FDA-approved ingredient in Mens Rogaine Extra Strength solution that is clinically proven to re-grow hair. And because its a foam, it goes on easily and dries fast. Its non greasy and it does not run or drip. Its so easy to use, it could make getting back your hair one of the easiest parts of your routine.

  • Protein Shampoo Hair Cleanser

    Thomas Protein Shampoo Hair Cleanser

    Thomas Protein-Enriched Shampoo is an exclusive formula which cleans and repairs hair on a microscopic level. It works to restore healthy hair by removing sebum oil and harmful environmental and chemical elements that can damage and dull your hair. Now improved with even more powerful proteins, this exclusive shampoo deep cleanses and repairs your hair on a microscopic level.

  • Revitalizing Shampoo

    Tricomin Revitalizing Shampoo

    Revitalizing Shampoo stimulates and restores health, structure, and vitality to thinning, fine, or damaged hair. These products may not be shipped outside the United States or its territories.

  • Revivogen Bio-Cleasning Shampoo

    REVIVOGEN Revivogen Bio-Cleasning Shampoo

    Revivogen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo contains the active product ingredients found in the topical formula and complements its activity, but it's ineffective by itself. It gently cleanses the scalp and removes Sebum and DHT from the scalp. This specially-designed hair product contains essential bio-active nutrients that nourish, moisturize and improve the hair and scalp condition, creating a healthy environment for hair growth and restoration.

  • Treatment Shampoo

    Energizer Treatment Shampoo

    Penetrates deeply into the hair follicles to destroy harmful dirt and oil build-up and emulsify layers of sebum from the scalp. It's the best product for promoting clean, dandruff and problem-free hair and scalp because it contains Bio-Ferm, Hobe Laboratories exclusive distillate of Jojoba and special herbal complex that emulsifies and removes excess sebum from the scalp. Sebum build-up can choke of hair follicles, leading to thinning hair and baldness. Energizer Treatment Shampoo's moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, including Vitamin B-5, help restore thick, healthy hair growth.