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  • GVP Volumizing Shampoo Compare to: Matrix Amplify Shampoo

    Posted by dirt pickler mike williams on 11/15

Provides strength, moisture, and smoothness Penetrates keratin into the hair Foruse wiith I-Pak styling tools The Ion I-Fusion Keratin is formulated with high levels of keratin proteins to straighten, smooth, shine and strengthen thick, coarse, more resistant hair. Use in conjunction with the Ion I-Fusion Heat Therapy appliances.100

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    I was suppose to get a free 4 oz I fusion therapy solution with purchase of the I fusion heat therapy styling iron I bought at Sally's Beauty Supply. I was told they don't give it at store that info would be in box, but it is not! I cannot find any info on line. How do I receive it?

    Posted by on 01/14/2018

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