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  • GVP Volumizing Shampoo Compare to: Matrix Amplify Shampoo

    Posted by dirt pickler mike williams on 11/15

Lifts hair and dries from the roots to ends Easiest way to create curls and volume Creates optimum volume The Curl Easy Pro Brush is a soft, plastic tool with rounded prongs at varying heights provides tangle-free curling and styling. Ideal for adding lift and body, creating curl and building volume while blow drying. Simply insert the Curl Easy Pro Brush into damp hair and roll. Use the small brush for shorter hair, the medium brush for medium length hair and the large brush for longer hair.100

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    Where can I buy this, Sallys doesnt sell them anymore

    Posted by Annie on 07/09/2016

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    When will this tool for curly hair?

    Posted by Kelly on 06/25/2016

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